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Yoga Body

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Have you heard the term “Yoga Body”? Have you pondered to yourself about what exactly that means. Maybe you didn’t have to think too hard, because your perceptions are swayed by oversaturated images in the media.

Yoga bodies are strong, agile, fit, and slim… Right?

Conveniently, this image of what a yoga body is fits right in with modern social standards of aesthetics.

Why Savasana?

Posted on: 2 Comments
Savasana thoughts

At the end of every yoga class, the teacher guides students into Savasana (corpse pose) and almost as quick as most people’s head hit their mat, there are some getting up to leave (you know who you are!). What is it about Savasana that makes so many people want to leave before even getting into this pose? Most people don’t even realise it is a pose! Many teachers have said it, and I would agree, it is the most difficult pose to master. Savasana gives your body and mind an opportunity to process what just happened during class. Getting up and leaving before you have a chance to absorb the practice kind of defeats the whole point of showing up.

Happy 2017: A Time to Reflect

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I have never been one for New Years resolutions, but recently in talking to a friend of mine, she told me that she loves this time of year because it allows her to look back on the year that was and reflect on the year to come. This got me thinking as well. We all go through December wound up and full of stress. Short on time and overindulging. It almost seems inevitable. The coming of a new year sparks a signal in many people that a change is necessary.

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