Sousan Zokaei

Throughout Sousan’s life she has always looked for different ways to remain active. Her Moksha journey started 9 years ago when she was looking for a physical challenge. It was however the mental challenge that kept herself finding her way back on her mat. 

It was during a difficult time in her life when she began practicing at Moksha Yoga Richmond Hill and without realizing it, her connection to her practice grew deeply.

Fast forward to today and not only is yoga a physical challenge every time she steps onto her mat, but a mental, emotional and spiritual journey too. Even on the hottest days of the year, hot yoga has left her feeling empowered and strong. 

She has been fortunate enough to practice at different Moksha Yoga studios and every studio has given her a sense of belonging.

In January 2016, with the support of her daughters and husband, she hopped on a planned and began a new chapter of her life and completed the level 1 Moksha/Modo Yoga teacher training in Nicaragua. This decision created the most gratifying experience for Sousan. Today, she is so fortunate to call Moksha Yoga Maple her home.

Sousan is grateful knowing that she is part of the Moksha Yoga teacher community. Her goal as a yoga instructor is to have her students feel as fulfilled as she did after each practice.