Melissa Kurz

As a social worker by day, supporting children with disabilities and mental health challenges for 10 years, Melissa uses yoga as a means to ground herself in a world that for some can be full of troubles, hardship and heartache.

After 5 years of practicing yoga, Melissa was motivated to gain a contemporary understanding of an ancient knowledge. This led to her completion and certification in yoga teacher training.

Most often she taught creative vinyasa flow classes, yoga with weights, as well as pre/postnatal yoga.  She learned about the art of being non-judgmental to herself and others, to be present in the moment and to observe things internally in a world that often stresses the external. She is confident that yoga is for everyone and everyone should attempt to practice yoga.

Melissa believes that although each of us are diverse individuals, we are all deeply connected and the power of yoga can help to ignite this union.

It is important to her to play an active role in shaping yoga’s future in a modern world, ensuring key concepts such as gratitude, enlightenment and acceptance remain embedded in what yoga teaches. As a student and a teacher she works hard at crafting her own unique interpretation of yoga while attempting to bring a safe and supportive experience to people in each and every class. Her goal when she guides a class is to assist students in becoming in tune with their breath as a mechanism for a focused and calming practice. To share with them that she is consistently being curious about herself and that we should all continue to engage in self discovery and learn to let go. The more we discover, the more accepting we should be of what we unveil. The more we accept our infinite blessings and inevitable flaws, the more we learn to just be. Be present, be grounded, be our true self that has evolved through our many experiences along our very unique and intentional journey.

Melissa is delighted to have you join her in class as she thrives to illuminate a vulnerable and passionate light within you.  Namaste