Dione Adams

Dione has always been an active person through school and into her university years with most of her time spent playing basketball, running track and in the gym. In 2007 her best friend and gym partner was diagnosed with cancer and their gym dates soon came to an end as her friend had to find a more gentle form of exercise. It was at this time that Dione accompanied her friend to their first yoga class and became hooked.

As the prospect of losing her friend became inevitable, yoga became Dione’s means of support. Delving deeper into her practice offered benefits not only to her body but also to her mind and soul. After witnessing how yoga helped her through some of her most difficult times, Dione decided she wanted to share her passion for yoga with others in hopes of helping them as well. In 2013 Dione dedicated a year of trade (volunteering in exchange for yoga classes) with Moksha Yoga. Here she found the path she would follow to fulfill her dream of sharing her passion and in October 2014 Dione completed her Level 1 Moksha Yoga Teacher’s Training in Montreal.

Dione has always considered herself an eternal student and embodies the Moksha Yoga pillar of Live To Learn. She is looking forward to building her teaching repertoire with additional trainings in Moksha Flow, Yin and Restorative.