Cass - Teacher Photo

Cassandra Navarrete

Cassandra stumbled into her love for yoga like many: checking out a moksha class with a friend. The result was something incredible: An unexpected and instant love; and a sense of belonging – she felt an extraordinary connection to this practice. The moksha community was a blessing, and the Barrie studio has become her second home. Cass’s practice blossomed into a passion over the 4 seasons, and after one full year of energy exchange, Cass went on to complete her moksha teacher training in Montreal (Fall 2012), Flow training in New York (Spring 2014) and most recently returned from another hatha yoga training in India! Cass’s appetite to learn continues to guide her down roads of adventurous learning. This yogi believes that yoga is a gateway to discovering inner peace, freedom, and abundant healthy love.

Cass is an inspired moksha teacher with a dream to inspire others both on and off the mat. Yoga has helped Cass tremendously to make positive changes in her life. Cass tries to bring mindfulness to her practice and her teaching. She believes in the power of mindfulness and how much of a difference it makes when small changes are made, starting in the hot room. Something that really makes her smile is seeing a student “get” a pose – not making it look like something in a magazine, but actually finding the perfect variation to let it feel right in their body. These little discoveries change everything in someone’s practice!
When away from her mat, you can find this yogi taking videos of her comedic cats, studying holistic health, or working with clients living with a brain injury, as a neuro-rehab therapist! In any spare minute, Cass loves spending time in nature, and believes there’s nothing better than feeling bare feet on the earth… Her favorite book to share is Journey to the Heart and often spread’s its affirmations in class. Her favorite yoga posture is Vriksasana/Tree Pose, and she tries to live her life much like she instructs this posture: Always rooting down; Always lifting up.

Favourite Quote: “Be a Lighthouse. Not lost at sea” – Author Unknown.