4 Biohacks To Help You Survive February

Got the winter blues? You’re not alone. February is said to be one of the hardest months of the year. The pinnacle of winter brings on its full expression and the deprivation of sunlight acts as a torturous reminder that the warmth of summer is still a long way from here.

Many Canadians know all too well the sheer exhaustion and lack of motivation that can follow us around during the long winter months. No matter how much sleep we get, that lethargic feeling always seems to be lurking around and our energy level feels zapped. We may also feel stripped of our enthusiasm and creative mojo, preferring to be in modern-day hibernation mode – a.k.a. Netflix binge-watching – rather than do anything about the dilemma in the first place.


Demystifying Savasana

You may have already heard the silly but lighthearted claim that every time you leave your yoga practice without doing Savasana, a unicorn dies. I know it makes you giggle, but consider this a desperate attempt by your caring yoga teacher to keep you on your yoga mat long enough to acquire the real treasures of your practice and enjoy the fruits of your yogic labours.


3 Reasons Why You Need Your Yoga Practice More Than Ever During The Holidays

Does the holiday season have you feeling a bit ungrounded and unsettled in your own body? Are you feeling swayed in a million directions, unable to find your center amidst the shopping craze around you?

Everywhere we look we are bombarded with advertisements and omniscient marketing schemes that want to lure us into the emotional terrain that leads to impulsive behaviour. We are also likely to be picking up on other people’s frenetic energy as they scamper about from place-to-place, trying to get all their holiday shopping done on time.


6 Ways Travelling The World Made Me A Better Yoga Teacher

Travelling got me out of my comfort zone! Life at home can be challenging, no doubt, but going to a different country demands all our your life skills and sense of direction. Not knowing the language, always sleeping in a different uncomfortable bed, and switching up your diet every week (or day) can put your nerves and your mind on edge. The key is seeing the beauty in discomfort…like pigeon pose or camel. It might not be the most comfortable posture, but the benefits are multi-layered and expansive in the body, mind and soul. Sometimes the greatest experiences are just outside of your comfort zone.


Yoga Body

Have you heard the term “Yoga Body”? Have you pondered to yourself about what exactly that means. Maybe you didn’t have to think too hard, because your perceptions are swayed by oversaturated images in the media.

Yoga bodies are strong, agile, fit, and slim… Right?

Conveniently, this image of what a yoga body is fits right in with modern social standards of aesthetics.

Savasana thoughts

Why Savasana?

At the end of every yoga class, the teacher guides students into Savasana (corpse pose) and almost as quick as most people’s head hit their mat, there are some getting up to leave (you know who you are!). What is it about Savasana that makes so many people want to leave before even getting into this pose? Most people don’t even realise it is a pose! Many teachers have said it, and I would agree, it is the most difficult pose to master. Savasana gives your body and mind an opportunity to process what just happened during class. Getting up and leaving before you have a chance to absorb the practice kind of defeats the whole point of showing up.


Happy 2017: A Time to Reflect

I have never been one for New Years resolutions, but recently in talking to a friend of mine, she told me that she loves this time of year because it allows her to look back on the year that was and reflect on the year to come. This got me thinking as well. We all go through December wound up and full of stress. Short on time and overindulging. It almost seems inevitable. The coming of a new year sparks a signal in many people that a change is necessary.

Blog - Rest

Why Rest Is A Crucial Part Of Growth

I, like many, practice yoga on a fairly regular basis. For me fairly regular means at least 6 classes a week most times more than that. I feel guilty if I miss a day. Recently I took part in a yoga challenge at my home studio and completed 40 classes in 30 continuous days. While that may seem like a lot to some, it seemed fairly average to me. When it was all said and done, my body was telling me something. It was telling me not in a quiet whisper but rather an aggressive yell, “HEY DUMMY, I NEED A REST!”


Harmony In The Everyday

Today I practiced my yoga in the middle of the trails that run through the Kortright Centre. When I say that I practiced my yoga you might assume a physical asana practice, however I did no asana at all.

Yoga Straps

A Small Act Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of active open attention on the present. It is a focus, without judgement, on your thoughts and feelings at any given time. Recently, I started doing something that seems so small and inconsequential but that has actually had a great influence on my yoga practice.