Kyneret - Teacher Photo

Kyneret Azizo

Kyneret completed her teacher training in 2009 at The Yoga Sanctuary, Toronto, where she studied Ashtanga/Vinyasa with Cynthia Funk, Karusia Wroblewski and Karen Cove.

Her bond with yoga began in 2006 when in her own practice she noticed how candidly it exposed the intricate connection between mind, body and spirit. She recognizes the true power yoga has to center the mind and reveal the peace within, and is passionate about sharing this wisdom with others.

With attention to breath and healthy postural alignment, Kyneret believes anyone can increase flexibility, strength and endurance in the body. She has confidence that yoga can heal depression, anxiety and other afflictions of the mind.

Her sequences include strengthening postures (sthira) that help guide us towards inner wisdom, stamina and confidence, as well as postures that increase flexibility (sukha) and create an open mind and heart, leading us to an oasis of bliss and comfort within.

Kyneret’s classes focus on proper alignment and finding happiness in every asana, for every body. She eagerly encourages her students to listen to their body to ensure a safe and harmonious practice.