Elissa Caccavella

Elissa steps onto her yoga mat with a unique background in engineering, dance, choreography, and theatre. From her very first class, yoga has always felt like a beautiful fusion of these passions; her progression into teaching came as a natural step. Like many students, Elissa started practicing yoga purely for the physical benefits, but has continued to practice as a result of the impact that yoga has had on her overall well-being. She feels that yoga has brought an element of peace into her life that she didn’t even know she had been looking for.

In her teaching practice, Elissa seeks to cultivate mindfulness, growth, and joy – to help her students find the peace that she so values in her own practice. She feels privileged each and every time she gets to share this practice with others. Elissa completed her Moksha/Modo Level 1 teacher training in Nicaragua in early 2015, her Moksha/Modo Flow training in Edmonton in May 2016, and has also been teaching Barre since early 2016.